• Back lot haircut (SJ and Raven), Kensington, Philadelphia, PA

  • Photo from the archives:

    61st and Market, Philadelphia, PA, 2013

    When I had heard the news about a Philly cop fatally shooting a teenager on his bicycle I went straight to the scene. It had happened a couple months after I had nearly shot a man in self-defense in West Philly. That experience really fucked my head up and after that, I would go to the sites of recent fatal shootings and just stand there. I would try and take the energy in and understand what happened.

    This scene wrecked me. I recall seeing the street dug up with the orange netting, almost as if it was a readymade grave; a place predicting what would happen. I recall hearing the rhythm of that corner: a train would go by, people talking, a car honk, brake squeal… another train, more talking, more honking, and some more brakes… over and over again. I couldn’t help but think of all of those noises as the soundtrack to this street corner, a soundtrack playing in perpetuity on a record. I couldn’t help but think of those gunshots as a record scratch; one where everything halts, one where everyone stops because everything has gone silent, one where everyone looks around to survey what the fuck just actually happened when that record stopped.

    When I heard the news about the grand jury refusing to indict Darren Wilson, my head went to that place on 61st and Market. This has got to stop. Enough already. 

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