• HIV Antiretrovirals, Kensington, Philadelphia, PA

    I’ve made a dozen good (good?) images from going into dangerous situations so, I don’t really know why I felt the need to keep making them. I’ve been doing it for a little while now and, looking back, I think it was the rush that made it so enjoyable, not the end result of a powerful (powerful?) photo. Ultimately, they’re easy photos to make, right? Intense moments/people make for intense (intense?) photos. There’s no depth to it. I suppose I’ve been trying to find my personal “line” as an artist. What situation was too much? What place was too terrifying? What made me too uncomfortable? Well, I found that line. And that line existed in a crap neighborhood with a reckless idiot and a bag of used heroin needles. And it wasn’t a place or a situation or a discomfort that crossed my line, it was a needlestick in the hand followed by an undetermined outcome. Now, that search for my line has now affected my wife. And thats the thing that makes me saddest of all.

  • Junkie Camp Entrance, E. Hagert Street, Philadelphia, PA

  • Produce Section/ James Foley Beheading, Spring Garden Market, Philadelphia, PA